Stunning moody shot of Poole Quay boats at sunrise

 Poole, Dorset
Poole, Dorset

This stunning sunrise shot was taken last week. I started at the lifting bridge, but the sky was overcast, so I walked slowly down the waters edge of Poole Quay. I have posted separately a couple of other shots taken on the walk down. 

This shot I really like though. 


The drama in the light, the depths in the colours. The movement in the clouds. The flatness of the water. 

This is a single exposure image. A long exposure. 30 seconds, F16, ISO100. 

I used a Lee Big Stopper to achieve this exposure time. Without it the exposure time would have been 1/30th of a second. 

Which would be a completely different outcome. An ok shot. Not a shot like this.

I would have liked to have done a 5 bracket long exposure HDR take, but only managed to grab this one, correct exposure before the rain came in and the sun disappeared. 

Moment gone. 

I am delighted to have captured this image though, as I was walking back from the end of Poole Quay thinking I had finished for the morning, so this shot which I absolutely love is a massive bonus. 

I walked back to the Poole Lifting Bridge with my camera still on my tripod ready just in case. 

So I was prepared for this one, brief moment. 

Thanks for reading this post about my photography in Dorset. 

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