Spectacular Interior Shots of Bordeaux Cathedral, France – which do you prefer?

Firstly the crop.

And this is the full image.

I love the texture in the ceiling of this shot, but was not happy with the left and right hand sides to be honest. So I just cropped it and rotated it.

The full image is an HDR merge in Lightroom, which I have done to capture the highlights in the windows as well as the depth of detail in the shadows.

I was trying to capture the scale of the space, albeit by selective composition, and the feeling of the fantastic light. The warmth of the final image conveys the feel of the space once you are in it.

I have published other, wider views of this stunning Cathedral, but for this shot I was drawn to the detail in the ceiling. Unfortunately I only had my two wide angle zoom lenses on me, as I was travelling light, so this is the telephoto shot, taken at 40mm!!

This is one of those shots that I feel I could have done better with. Might be being a bit harsh on myself – the Cathedral was absolutely full of tourists wandering around, and I was stood between the pews trying to steady myself using my non-image stabilised lens in the low light!

The images were taken at an ISO of 1000 on my Canon 6D, using shutter speeds of 1/50th. 1/200th and 1/13th of a second to produce the bracekted set of three images.

So which do you prefer? Please let me know via my website using any of the forms of contact at


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Rick McEvoy

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