A lovely peaceful, calming sunset shot of Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset

 Sunset over calm waters, Sandbanks, Dorset
Sunset over calm waters, Sandbanks, Dorset

I took this shot the other day. I always drive home through Sandbanks as I love this location. 

As always I was keeping a close eye on the sky and the impending sunset. 

So I stopped and got this shot. 

I tried a 3 shot pano but obviously made a bit of a mess of it as I could not merge the three files in either Lightroom or Photoshop. Which must have been my fault. 

Luckily I will be able to return soon and try again.

So this is a single image, 2 shots merged from the bracketed sequence. 

Taken on my Canon 6D with the usual 17-40mm lens, 2.5 second exposure at F16, ISO100, 17mm focal length. 

Taken on my tripod of course. I stopped down to F16 to give myself a long exposure time of 2.5 seconds, giving me that flat smooth effect on the water.

In Lightoom I further expanded the dynamic range with sliders in the basic panel, and boosted the colours. As ever my processing style is all about getting the best out of what is there. 

A little about the location. Sandbanks is a fantastic location in Poole. In this shot you are looking at Brownsea Island.

This location is where I have got a lot of great images of Dorset. It is truly a fantastic location for landscape photography in Dorset.

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