Fantastic sunset shot of Bournemouth Pier, Bournemouth, Dorset

 Pier by Bournemouth Photographer Rick McEvoy
Pier by Bournemouth Photographer Rick McEvoy

Today’s image is a newly processed image taken some time ago, of Bournemouth Pier, in Dorset.

This view is from the outside of the bar that was there at the time, who’s name I can’t remember. It is now called Aruba. Enough side tracking, so soon into my post!

Back to the photo.

Taken at quarter to five one fine Decembers evening, using my good old Canon EOS 5D. My first pro camera, and I still have it in my bag as my ever present back up body to my 6D. Using my 24-105mm F4 L lens, at a focal length of 28mm. The exposure, handheld, was an impressive 1/10th of a second at F11, ISO1000.

That’s how dark it was.

And can you see any noise? No. And I have not given noise reduction a thought. Why?

Because the image is interesting. That’s why.

Noise shouts out in boring shots (if it is there of course).

And there aren’t any people. The pier was packed an hour before, but I waited till everyone had gone home. Waited for the quiet and the light. Well worth it too!

1/10th second is pushing it hand held I have to say. The Image Stabilisation helped me get this shot nice and sharp, along with an aperture not far from the F8 sweet spot.

Composition wise I like this shot. I have managed to give the image a sense of depth by placing the very prominent light where I have in the foreground. I have only had to do very minor cropping in Lightroom, along with tonal adjustments and boosting of some of the colours.

So all in all a pleasing shot of Bournemouth Pier, a very prominent landmark in Bournemouth town centre.

I also like the fact that I have photographed the pier after sunset, and not in daylight as you quite often see in other shots of the pier. So it has a slightly different feel from most shots of the pier.

And the viewpoint. My current favourite thing is changing the position of the camera from the usual viewpoint, in front of my eye when stood up, going high, low, left right, up, down.

I also use Live View a lot more these days, to help me get the framing right from less convenient positions.

So the takeaway from this post is this.

  • Go somewhere interesting.
  • Stay around.
  • Wait for the light.
  • Try different angles.
  • Shoot.
  • And enjoy.

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