New black and white image taken from Evening Hill, Poole, Dorset

The view from Evening Hill towards Brownsea Island, Poole, Dorset

This shot was taken just before Christmas, and is the view of one of the jetties that boats moor against in the warmer summer months.

Obviously there are no boats moored there at the moment!

This shot was taken during the stormy weather, and the water, which is normally flat, was very choppy. This is no mean feat considering in this part of Poole Harbour the depth of the water is no more than a metre. At low tide you can walk out on the sand!

Being such a lovely, grey, stormy day I decided that a black and white version of the shot would work well.

In terms of the image capture, this is a single image, taken at an exposure of 0.4/ second, F32, ISO100, 200mm focal length on my Canon 70-200mm F4L Lens (great lens by the way). The shot was tripod mounted.

Well when I say tripod mounted, the camera was mounted to the tripod, and I was leaning on the tripod to try and keep it still in the wind, so strong it was.

I used the longer shutter speed, by using a low ISO and maximum aperture (which I normally do not do) as I wanted to get some movement in the water but also wanted the fixed points sharp.

I like this image, because it looks cold and stormy.

Image processing was done in Lightroom, with dust spotting and some minor removals done in Photoshop (the new version of Photoshop CC is just that – new – and I will be looking at and writing about this in the very near future). The main thing I did in Lightroom, after the B&W conversion, was to increase the contrast and dynamic range within the image, mainly using selective dodging and burning.

Dodging and burning.

I will write a separate post about dodging and burning, which to me is one of the most powerful tools in Lightroom, but is a technique which dates back to the days of film, which I remember.

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