How to organise your photos in Lightroom – sorting the images in my Lightroom Catalogue from from 2007

I am now on 2007. Just 442 images in this year. But the beginning of me taking photographs in RAW and not Jpeg.

I know this sounds like a relatively easy task at the moment but the next year, 2008, is where it gets serious. Over three thousand images. I am going to set aside an hour to do those and nothing else. I want to do the first pass of this in one go. Uninterrupted. I want to know how long it takes to go through and sort all those images. When I say sort I mean reject or pick. I will definitely rate them all as rejects before I begin. And I am going to do this on my IPad. And 2009 on my PC. And see which worked the best.

But back to 2007. I started off with 442 images, and managed to reject 201 images.

I forgot to assign all the images as rejects in Lightroom on my PC, but just having pick and reject worked fine. I did find myself rating images that I wanted to edit, but this I will get used to. I am going to do a first pass of pick or reject, then on the second pass assign stars to the images I want to edit.

I was not 100% sure if deleting the rejects from the main catalogue removed them from the Collection as well, but can now confirm that it does. And I also checked that if you remove images from a Collection then they are not physically deleted, they are just removed from that view. Whilst this is a limitation of Collections it makes sense as you can have an image in more than one collection. It is just worth remembering that you cannot delete images in Lightroom Mobile – the best you can do is reject the image then choose Remove Rejected Images in full-blown Lightroom.

And now we are in December I need to get cracking on November 2016, applying the same logic, which I will write about next.

Sorry I forgot. Next up will be one of those 2007 images. Or maybe more than one? Who knows? I know I don’t!

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Tuesday 6th December 2016

Rick McEvoy

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