A great interior architectural photography shot of a unique private library in Dorset

 Library, Dorset, by interior photographer Rick McEvoy
Library, Dorset, by interior photographer Rick McEvoy

 One of the parts of my job I love is photographing unique interiors. 

Interior photography, interior architectural photography, interior design photography – call it what you want. 

What matters is that the final image tells the story of the space. It might be an exact reproduction of the interior space, something a tad more creative or something a lot more, erm out there! 

My technique is to replicate the space as technically correctly and accurately a I can. Verticals vertical, floor/ ceiling/ roof level. Colours correct.


Now this is a tricky one with interior photography. Some people want lights on. Some lights off.

Lights on tends to warm a room but it depends on the space being photographed. A common feature of new buildings of all types is lights that come on automatically. And more infuriatingly for a photographer go off again after a predetermined time!! Now this is of course important in terms of energy saving, but makes a photographer’s life difficult. It is about us after all!!

Very inconvenient for a photographer. And all part of the fun. 

So lights on/ lights off – sometimes you don’t have a choice. I do both where I can.

I will write about lighting in interior photography in a separate post, but for this post all I will say is I try to both, lights on and lights off. You will be amazed at the different effects this brings.

Interior photography is a specialist field in its own right, and in future posts I am going to write more about what sets my interior photography apart.

Like the shot in today’s post.

This shot has a timeless feel.

This is in part due to the unique location, as well as the fantastic work of the architect, for whom I carried out this shoot.

This is also a great example of my work. Technically correct, this in one of the images that has had further processing done from that technically sound base to give a slightly different, subtly different you might say, feel.

I am lucky to have photographed some great interior spaces over the years, and these are images I love coming back to again and again, reinterpreting and experimenting with the base images to produces a new feel which is part of my own unique style.

Thanks for reading this post about my interior photography/ interior design photography, and please come back my blog tomorrow for another photography related post at




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