My top 10 bits of photography kit that were not bought at a camera store of any kind.

Ok here we go. The 10 bits of kit I find the most useful that are nothing to do with photography. Stick with this – you will understand where I am coming from if you make it to the end of this post. 

1 – Stepladders

These are an essential item to me. I use them on every shoot. I want the high viewpoint. This can be looking down on an interior space, or indeed looking across a large interior space from a higher viewpoint. 

External elevation shots benefit from the higher viewpoint. Check out my various galleries in my website at

Where you can see lots of examples of shots from this higher viewpoint. 

I have alia used the higher viewpoint to get a view over fences and other obstructions looking down. 

I bought my trusty stepladders from B&Q. There are normal lightweight stepladders. Nice and light and cheap and completely essential to me.

And I can attach my Manfrotto clamp and magic arm to them for long exposure, high level bracketed low light HDR shots. So they act as a tripod too! 

2 – Stepladders – small

2 steps. Smaller. Lighter. Dead handy.

3 – Groundsheet.

For the opposite effect of the ladders. For lying down on the ground, looking up from a different view.

4 – Old coat

This ties in with the groundsheet. I am often lying down taking photos. And not always with a groundsheet. SO I use my good old Berghaus lightweight coat.

This is also one of the reasons why I don’t work in a suit!

5 – Leatherman

No end of uses for this magical piece of kit.

6 – Stanley waterproof toolbox

For the gear that stays in my car always. I once had a camera bag that got very damp in our good old UK winter weather, so the odd bits of essential but not valuable kit I leave in the car stays in this great toolbox all nice and dry.

7 – North Face hat

Red. Highly visible. And keeps my head warm. That’s it.

8 – Cable ties

Surprisingly useful. Don’t forget your Leatherman if you use these though or you might have a problem.

9 – Hand

To cover my eyepiece when taking shots. Which as they are virtually always on a tripod is really quite a good thing to do.

10 – Car

Ok this is pushing it a bit. But how else do I get my stepladders to a shoot? 

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