The Shard, London with a big blue sky!

 The Shard, London, by construction photographer Rick McEvoy
The Shard, London, by construction photographer Rick McEvoy

The Shard, London, by construction photographer Rick McEvoy.

On Fridays I often get the chance to play around with some old images and do a bit of experimenting. So on Friday I took one of my favourite shots of the London Shard and gave it a blue sky. 

I quite like the resulting image. It looks like a split tone conversion as there is no blue in the building reflecting off the glass.

I am fine with that as it gives something a bit different, and enhances the blue in the sky. 

I might add some blue into the building and see how that looks, but experimentation is all about trying new things and seeing what you get. I find it important that my photography work is constantly developing and evolving.

One thing that confused me with this sky replacement was that the plane was in the original image, but I did not mask it out. It just appeared in the blue sky somehow. Which is good as I probably would have forgotten otherwise!

Thanks for reading this post about a sky replacement in one of my construction photography shots. 

Please come back to my blog tomorrow for another post about something photographic. Not sure what it will be yet though but I have today to come up with something!




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