Picture of a Dorset field – just blue and green. Simple.

 Field near Cranborne by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer
Field near Cranborne by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer

Sometimes I need a break from complex detailed technical architectural photography work. 

And today is one of those days. 

This is a field. 

I photographed this one morning. I stopped to capture the barn with the sun rising directly behind it. But I didn’t like the shot.

I liked the simplicity of this scene. Just a field. Blue and green. 

With a couple of tractor trails. 

And that is it. 

Nice and simple and natural. Nothing fancy. A nice balance of natural colours and textures.

And not a building in sight. 

I enjoy landscape photography. The simplicity of natural compositions is the antidote sometimes to those highly technical images I produce. This shot took five minutes to edit.

Seconds to capture. 

On the last shoot I have just completed one image took me 45 minutes to edit. And the one before it 35 minutes and then I scrapped it. 

Thankfully I love what I do so this is absolutely fine. 

i enjoy architectural photography and landscape photography in equal but different ways. 

And I like the way the two contrasting strands of my photographic work collide from time to time. 

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