The high shot of that big, bright yellow field in Hampshire – my second favourite picture of Hampshire

This really is one of my favourite pictures of Hampshire.

One of the reasons I like it so much is the high viewpoint giving you a slightly different view, looking down on the foreground.

This was very deliberate – I wanted to give the foreground prominence, and provide depth to the scene. I included a small strip of sky, as there is only one story in this shot – the colour.

This is a typical Hampshire scene in the Spring, and before you know it all that lovely bright yellow will be gone – it is already beginning to turn green. That is why Hampshire photography is so enjoyable – lots of great landscapes and great scenes to enjoy.

The county is a delight to drive through on a sunny day, and I make notes of the many locations I want to photograph one day when time permits. As a photographer in Hampshire you can’t help but take excellent landscape shots like this one.

Technical info for this shot

Canon EOS 6D, 17-40mm F4 L Lens, 1/2000th second, F8, ISO400. AV Mode. To be honest I use AV mode most of the time. I revert to manual for flash and specific requirements such as ultra-long exposures, but generally AV mode is fine for me.

I want to be able to concentrate on what I am looking at rather than the F stop and all that stuff.

I now the technical side is important, but I am happy that I have developed my skills to a point where I don’t really have to think about my camera settings – it is all instinctive and intuitive for me now.

Another very good reason to practise as often as you can.

Processing of this image was Lightroom basic adjustments only. Although having said that I did do a black and white variant which I will post in the near future which was quite interesting!


Rick McEvoy

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