Picture of a rusty beach hut under a vibrant blue sky – a very colourful photograph taken in St Pauls Bay, Lindos, Rhodes

 Picture of a Rusty Hut, St Pauls Bay, Lindos, by Rick McEvoy travel photographer
Picture of a Rusty Hut, St Pauls Bay, Lindos, by Rick McEvoy travel photographer

I was walking down to the beach at St Pauls Bay in Lindos. A stunning place. Travel photography heaven.

The sky was a lovely deep deep blue. And then I saw these rusty huts. Now I am a sucker for rusty buildings. And that bright red rust under that bright blue sky was irresistible to me.

So I did what I had to do. Stopped and took a photograph. The reason for this post is to demonstrate something amazing that you can do very quickly and easily in Photoshop. And also to demonstrate just how flat a RAW image is – nothing like what you see when you take a photograph!

 The original RAW file - dull and flat
The original RAW file – dull and flat

Make more of a photo than you took. Create more image.


Well I didn’t like the angle of the shot I took so I rotated it in Lightroom. And it constrained the crop. No use to me.

So I cropped in Photoshop. And it didn’t constrain the crop. This is what it gave me.

 The bits I had to add in using Photoahop
The bits I had to add in using Photoahop

And then for the magic. You can see the white bits, where there is in effect nothing.

So in Photoshop I selected the lasso tool, circled each white area, and used Content Aware Fill to miraculously fill in the gaps. The sky it did perfectly. There was a bit of cloning required to the bottom of the image, but this incredibly powerful tool did a miraculous job!

Adobe Photoshop Content Aware Fill – learn to love it – it is awesome!

Tomorrow I will write about culling 1400 images taken on my Canon 6D and Canon 24-105mm lens- and howlong it took me to do. Cull, rate, sort etc.

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