The Shard, London – black and white architectural photography

 The Shard, London by Rick McEvoy architectural photographer  
The Shard, London by Rick McEvoy architectural photographer  

Now where was I. Oh yes, I had a technical hitch this morning which I wrote about earlier. 

Corrupt Lightroom meaning I had to reinstall Lightroom so had no access to my images. Yes this really is a daily blog!! 

So quickly I did the following to this picture of the Shard in London. 

Preset – “Fine Art High Key Framed”

Then I removed the frame.

Next a red colour filter 

Brightness -30%

Vignette lens fall off 2

And that was it. 

Here is the colour version that I worked from.

 The Shard by Rick McEvoy London photographer
The Shard by Rick McEvoy London photographer

And this is the RAW image.

 The Shard by architecture photographer Rick McEvoy
The Shard by architecture photographer Rick McEvoy

Yes the plane was actually there. I have not added it. It was just a case of waiting. To be honest I was stood looking up at the enormous face of the building when a plane flew over. Not long after another did. So I didn’t have to wait too long. And I can’t claim planning – I just happened to be there when the plane flew over!

I did photograph the Shard from all angles a couple of times, in the morning and the afternoon, benefitting from the variations in direction of light and the clouds.

I am not sure about this black and white image. I am not sure if it is interesting enough for me, so I am going to hold that thought and spend more time on the next image, which is going to be Tower Bridge in London. As I said before I am staying with my London images.

And thinking about the black and white conversion I am going to revisit some of my edits in Nik Silver Efex Pro and see how they compare to a quick Lightroom black and white conversion.

I am liking the pre-sets in Silver Efex Pro, but find that doing anything more is adding not that much to some of the images. I end up trying everything and ending up leaving lots of the sliders as they are. That is why practise with software like this is so important – you need to learn what all the sliders and other things do and play with them to find out what you want to get out of software.

And lets not forget a portfolio image will have more time spent on it than an image edited for say a blog post.

So who knows what will be appearing on my blog tomorrow, so make sure you pop back to www.rickmcevoyphotography. to find out what I have come up with!

Rick McEvoy Photography

11th July 2016


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