The picture of Broadstone Cricket Club in the mist – a lovely English scene taken in Poole, Dorset

 Broadstone Cricket Club in the mist
Broadstone Cricket Club in the mist

This is the view as I walked out of the woods and back to my car, which is the white blob to the left of the sight screen by the way. And the subject of a future post about camera gear.

Yes. My car! Photography gear!

(Note added to my ever growing idea list).

There was still some mist in the air, but blue sky was beginning to appear. This picture was taken at 3.33pm on the 30th December. No really it was.

I love the muted colours in this image, the soft green, the blue peeping out from behind the clouds and that lovely foreground of autumn leaves.

The sight screen is a significant part of this image, identifying the scene as a cricket ground. And to the right is the only building, which houses the cricket club itself.

This was not quite the last picture I took, as way over to the left are the cricket nets, which I did capture before returning to my car. But this story was about the woods, not the cricket ground.

That is an idea for another time….

The thing that makes this image for me is the gentle mist, providing that lovely winter feel, and a misty mood to the scene. There is no one else in this image, but there were a couple of people sat I front of the cricket club building, who gave me strange looks as I walked towards them with my tripod over my shoulder, and the biggest camera bag in the world on my back!

Which reminds me, I must write about my fantastic new camera bag, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack. This is the new home for my Canon 6D and select equipment.

I need to finish my work here first though. Just the black and white image to go, and then the full story with a selection of images from the sequence I have posted recently on my blog.

I think I am going to go with the colour images only, and try to narrow my selection down to 6 images. I do not know how much text I will produce, but I hope to have this article finished and posted by the end of the month.

I have enjoyed producing this set of images, and hope to find a publisher for my work in the near future. If you want to take me on just let me know – I am currently available for hire as a photographer/ writer.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Saturday 18th February 2017

Rick McEvoy

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