Fantastic textures, light and mood in the woods – original landscape photography in Dorset

 Fine art landscape photography in Dorset
Fine art landscape photography in Dorset

I look at pictures like this and marvel at just how good my Canon 6D is. The amount of detail in this picture is fantastic.

It is times like this that I stop thinking about other photography gear and just enjoy what I am fortunate enough to have. A great Canon DSLR which does exactly what I want my camera to do, and some great L series lenses.

This is another picture taken using my go to combination, my Canon 6D and Canon 24-105mm F4 L lens.

Now there are going to be some gear changes coming soon (hopefully) but the change I am planning is all about helping me to take better photos.

I only buy photography gear that will help me improve. I am over buying gear for the sake of it.


Watch this space for this potential piece of news and an interesting development in my image capture style.

Unfortunately it is not the purchase of a brand new Hasselblad – I wish!

So back to the photo. Sorry for the digression.

There is a lovely depth to this image, with the sunlight catching the trees at the back of the image.

  • This is what I saw.
  • This is what made me stop.
  • This is what I wanted to capture.

As ever, the light is the star of he show. The light makes the picture. The light and how it interacts with the scene, and how it illuminates parts of the scene but not others.

And the lovely natural colours and textures in the image.

I did a very slight crop to this image, and then processed the image entirely in Lightroom. This is another HDR picture, and the processing in Lightroom was done in the basic panel, the HSL panel and then dodging and burning to give the depth to the image.

No Photoshop required for this picture, which is always good. It’s not that I don’t like Photoshop, but I like it when I don’t need to go into Photoshop.

This image really conveys the feeling of Delph Woods on that cold late December day, when the mist was moving in and out of the scene, allowing the sun to burst through every now and then.

This image is about the capture of a moment in time when the sun illuminated the trees in the background – the moment ended as I was lining up to take another picture.

So this really is a capture of a fleeting moment in time, never to be repeated.

Just the back and white image to go then, which you can see here on my blog tomorrow at 11am.

Please let me know what you think of this image – you can get in touch with me by phone, email or using the contact page on my website.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Sunday 12th February

Fine art landscape photography in Poole

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