More misty wintry hazy sunshine in Poole

 Hazy misty winter sun in Poole
Hazy misty winter sun in Poole

Remember the image I posted yesterday? Yesterday and the day before that is. Well this is the view looking the other way, into the sunshine and the mist.

This is the wide view. I wanted to show the context of the landscape, as this was the scene I saw, and remembered seeing.

And yes to the right you can see the outline of a house – some lucky people live right in the woods, or right on the edge of them I should say.

For this picture I have the woods and that lovely flat pond immediately behind me – yes literally behind me. There was just a narrow path around this side of the pond.

Just enough room for me to squeeze my Manfrotto tripod behind the fence and not completely in the mud!

I am not saying that this is the best picture I have ever taken, just consider it a warm up for the image I will post on Friday of this week.

The main subject of this image is the sunlight through  the mist – always a winning combination. And with this exposure I have deliberately blown out the sky, taking it to white.


Well why not.

Technically you shouldn’t do that. You should expose for the highlights. That is the rule.

But as I have said before, rules are there to be broken.

The lighting makes sense, with no mist down in the foreground which is near to the pond I posted the pictures of previously. All the misty loveliness that I photographed is over to the right, which is also the way back to Broadstone Cricket Club and the car park where I parked my car and got my massive camera bag out.

A complete contrast from this scene, and only a short walk away.

To add to the glamour of the scene Gravel Hill is a few hundreds behind me from where I took this image – it was that day driving up Gravel Hill that I saw something that needed investigating of to the left, and finally here I was.

And I am glad I did look to the left, and follow it up.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Landscape photographer in Poole

Wednesday 8th February 2017

Rick McEvoy

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