Picture of a tree – well not just a picture of a tree but a tree with sunlight bursting around the sides

 Tree by Rick McEvoy landscape photographer in Poole
Tree by Rick McEvoy landscape photographer in Poole

I like this picture. This is the shot where I was lying on the ground setting up the shot as people walking dogs were walking by giving me strange looks!

For this shot I got my Manfrotto 190 Go tripod right down in the wet grass, as down as it will go.

You can see what I was after with this shot. The sun streaming into the scene either side of the tree

I am reassured that I used a focal length of 28mm on my Canon 24-105 F4 L lens, rather than being as wide as possible at 24mm. This is a sign for me that I have thought about my composition.

I kept the aperture at F22, as I had just moved the camera to the right having taken a starburst straight into the sun shot.

Technically I really should have adjusted my aperture but it really does not matter. I have said this before and I will say it again – there are many technical aspects of photography that can get in the way of what a photograph is meant to be all about – taking pictures.

So yes my lens was at minimum aperture, but who knows apart from me, and now you having just told you?

You get my point?


Lets move on.

This is a strong composition for me, and an image I like a lot. Obviously it is all about the light, that golden sunlight hitting the very faint mist. I have managed to capture the blue in the sky, which was a a very faint blue. This blue compliments the subtle green of the vegetation and the lovely orange sunlight.

So all in all a picture I am very happy with, one that I enjoy looking at.

And looking at this picture gave me the idea for the image you will be able to see tomorrow on my blog – yes a crop of this image but one that really works.

Rick McEvoy Photography

Poole Photographer

Friday 27th January 2017

Rick McEvoy

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