How does Lightroom Classic perform compared to the previous version? I have tried it out after a couple of shoots and this is my initial verdict.

I can report that new Lightroom Classic is definitely quicker than the old version. I am writing this as I go through a set of HDR Merges. 

I did find it took a long time to import a load of images and build 1:1 previews, but to be fair I normally do this and go and do something else, letting it do its thing. So to sit there and wait was not a fair comparision.

What is a good comparison is creating HDR files using two images. I do this all the time to the selected images from a shoot, so this is a good working comparison.

THe HDR Merges seem to be a bit hit and miss at the moment. I have asked it to create HDR images but they are not appearing, which did not happen with the previous version. But having said that the first batch of HDR merges worked just fine yesterday morning. 

Maybe its me. Trying to do two things at once. That could be it. I need to know my limits!

I have this morning processed 80 images from another shoot and that went really quickly, so I just need to sort out this HDR thing. 

I have done quite a lot of work in Lightroom so think I might just shut it down then give it a rest. Or feast. That was what appeared on my screen!! Dreadful typing.

OK. I have shut Lightroom Classic down and started it again. HDR Merging appears to be much much quicker. Rather than waiting forever and Lightroom just failing to respond it is carrying our HDR Merges at what I feel is a perfectly reasonable speed. Yes it takes a while but it is actually doing a lot of work. And the results are great. 

That is that set of HDR Merges all down now – much quicker then before so that is excellent news for me. The time I spend editing images has just been reduced.  And all that frustration appears to be much reduced – time will tell is it has gone completely but looking good so far.

And one last thing – roundtripping to Photoshop is quicker too.

So great news – if you have not upgraded to Lightroom Classic i suggest you go for it – I did and do not regret it for a second.

Rick McEvoy – Lightroom Tips


Rick McEvoy

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