And the last of my photos of 2017 is this photograph exterior of this lovely house photographed for the architect

 Private house photographed for the architect
Private house photographed for the architect

I must finish off 2017 with an architectural photography image, and have chosen this lovely house I was fortunate enough to photograph for the architect who designed the remodelled and refurbished space.

It is just stunning, sheer class and style. All in a fantastic location.

I was commissioned by the architect to photograph this lovely, secluded country residence as part of their portfolio for their brand new website.

This is the first shot I took, on the first of the buildings I was commissioned to photograph. This image was image number 1 in the set issued to the client.  So this is the first image. You get that!

This is one of the reasons I enjoy being an architectural photographer so much – I get the opportunity to see such fantastic houses as this that no one else gets to see – if they do not know the owners that is! 

This picture was a demonstration of preparation and planning – I visited the property at what I thought was the best time whilst loosely passing the property – this is not a place you just pass by! I managed to work out the best timing to photograph the externals of the building, which was 45 minute of my time well spent. 

I do not have the luxury after all of full days funded by the client – I have to get the job done within the pre-agreed timescales. 

I cannot share on my photography blog all the images from this shoot, as this is someone’s house, someone’s private space. The photographs were taken for the architect for their website, and once they have published the images on their website I will see about using some of the images on my website, but for now they stay where they are. 

If any of you were ever wondering why I do not appear to post many commercial architectural shoots on my website this is one of the reasons – client confidentiality – as well as giving the client the images for their use first. 

It’s not all about me after all. Sure I own the copyright to all the images I take but they are taken for clients, and their needs come before mine. 

Anyway, that is all from me for 2017. Until the New Year…. 

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