The picture of sunset on the beach at West Bay captured from the cliffs above – a nice bright vibrant sunny Dorset scene

 The view looking towards the sunset of the beach at West Bay. From the cliffs above
The view looking towards the sunset of the beach at West Bay. From the cliffs above

Above is the re-edit of the picture of the beach at West Bay. 

Below is my previous edit.  Hmmmm. Dull isn’t it??

 West Bay beach photographed from the cliffs above 
West Bay beach photographed from the cliffs above 

There is a good reason why I am re-editing some of my pictures of Dorset. Compare these two versions of the same image, both processed in Lightroom.  The top image I produced this week. The bottom image I processed a couple of years ago.

The edit of the image below I always thought was fine, but I know my Lightroom skills have improved significantly over the last couple of years, so I decided to re-edit this image, as I like the composition.

I think this is an interesting picture, with the two silhouetted people on top of the cliff adding a human element to the image, as well as providing scale. And there is lots of interest in the composition (subject to my point below).

To create a new version of the picture all I had to do was make a virtual copy of the RAW file in Lightroom (a two second job), reset all the editing and start again in Lightroom. 

And what a difference a couple of years of practise have made when you compare the two versions of the same image capture! 

The new version is much brighter, vibrant, clean, contrasty and to be honest much more interesting. 

I would like a bit more sky in this image. If only there was a tool in Photoshop that could make an image bigger….. 

Until tomorrow then……. 

Rick McEvoy Photography

Dorset Photographer 

Saturday 29th April 2017

Rick McEvoy

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