How to recompose an image in Photoshop – well one way that I have tried using the content aware crop tool.

 The beach at West Bay - landscape photography in Dorset
The beach at West Bay – landscape photography in Dorset

I need to try something. I have had a quick go with the content aware crop tool. And now I have the need to have another go. I am going to do something to this image that I don’t normally do.


Firstly I need to explain.

The problem with this image is that the horizon is too high in the picture. I want more sky.

It is all down to how I took the shot, which in my defence was some years ago.

I might have mentioned before how important composition is.

This is a case in point.

The composition Is not good, but hopefully I can fix this in Photoshop.

It is not how it is meant to be I know, but every now and then it is fine. I obviously prefer to get my composition correct in camera rather than create if afterwards, but lets give it a go and see what happens.

First thing I need to do is get rid of the vignette in Lightroom. I am working on a virtual copy of the final edit by the way.

Once the vignette is gone I send the picture over to Photoshop, where I select the crop tool, and crop outwards.

Yes I know.

Crop outwards!

I chose the top left hand corner and dragged up and left until the horizon line was in a better position.

I went left and up as I thought this would give me the best results.

Then I selected the tick to apply the effect, and went off to make a cuppa.


Well that worked incredibly well.

There is a blotch in the sky which I got rid of using one of my new favourite tools, the patch tool. So powerful and effective.

That just left a problem over to the left, where the sea did not work quite as well as I had hoped. And there was sea in the sky.

Obviously this cant be right.

But don’t worry. I have a plan.

I went out wide and high as I wanted the picture to go up to get more sky, but I did not need more sea, so all I needed to do was re-crop out the excess stuff I didn’t want want way and that is the image reworked.

I have lost some of the foreground but I am fine with that.

A quick final check for blemishes in the image and I am done.

So here is my brand new picture of the beach at West Bay. I have put the before and after images below for direct comparison



Rick McEvoy Photography

Dorset Photographer

Saturday 6th May 2017

Rick McEvoy

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