Specialist anti-ligature doors feature in today’s product photography post

 Product photography on a live construction site by Rick McEvoy construction photographer
Product photography on a live construction site by Rick McEvoy construction photographer

Kingsway anti-ligature doors installed in a hospital.

This image is from a commercial shoot where I photographed some specialist doors on a live construction site. This was a construction product shoot for the company Kingsway, “Experts in door sets and hardware for mental health”.

Product shoots on live construction sites can be challenging, and always take longer than intended!

The main contractor on this hospital extension was Brymor Construction.

I was commissioned by the manufacturer of these specialist door sets to photograph the doors just before completion of construction works, which was also immediately before the building went live. Once the refurbished building was handed over to the client access would not be possible. The time constraints at the end of a construction project often dictate what and when I can photograph for the client.

This picture shows one of the products in detail, the door handle, as well as the range of products in the corridor in which all these doors and frames have been installed. Detail and context in one image is such an important thing to achieve.

To get this shot I had to move lots of stuff out of the corridor, give the corridor a sweep and close all the doors. 

Closing the doors caused problems as engineers were commissioning the M&E installations, so we came to an agreement whereby i framed the image and got myself set to take this photo, at which point they all went into the rooms off the corridor while I took the pictures, a pre-focussed bracketed set of three images.

This image was taken using my Canon 6D with Canon 17-40mm lens on my Manfrotto Tripod

This is how it goes photographing on live construction sites.  Which is why I am a great place to start with your construction product photography enquiry – there can’t be many photographers who understand construction sites better than I do. So while I am on that subject get in touch with me on my website here, or by phone or email.

This is one of the client isssue images, and is my pick of the edits submitted to the client. One more thing on this. It was a short notice job. A brief exchange of emails. The price was agreed by text message and the shoot carried out as soon as the area was completed. The images were edited and issued the next day. This is how it goes. Out of the blue a client contacts me needing some pictures the next day or the next week and wants them issued quickly. 

I often produce images from commercial shoots the next day.

On one other shoot the client needed the images by 9am the next day – 40 of them as well! But I managed to get this done. 

This is the life of a freelance photographer – you can be sat there doing routine work when something appears that needs urgent attention. 

And that is why I like my freelance photography life. 

Rick McEvoy Photography

Product photographer in Dorset

Sunday 4th June 2017

Rick McEvoy

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