A striking picture of the Battistero di San Giovanni in Pisa by Rick McEvoy Architectural Photographer

 Picture of the Battistero di San Giovanni in Pisa by Rick McEvoy Architectural Photographer
Picture of the Battistero di San Giovanni in Pisa by Rick McEvoy Architectural Photographer

OK. I am digressing today from my planned post. I am putting together a new set of 12 images for my architectural photographer page. I went through all my collections in Lightroom, which is always my starting point. I create a new collection, and add in anything from other collections that might be relevant.

Yes I should be more organised by now but that is a time thing.

Back to the picture.

Amongst all the stuff in the various collections that might remotely relate to my architectural photographer page I came across this picture of the Battistero di San Giovanni in Pisa.

Unedited. Just a RAW file sat there that at some point in the past I had selected but never got round to processing.

This stunning building is not far from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In fact from some directions you have to walk past this wonder to get to the leaning tower.

Me being me I was more interested in this wonderful structure than the wonky tower nearby with hoards of people swarming all around it!

It was much much quieter here. Much better. And quite a stunner this building is too.

This image might not make my architectural photography web page, but it might. Either way I love this image, and decided that I had to work on it. Having walked around this magnificent domed building I aligned myself with the sun above the spire. I loved the shadow cast on the grass in the shape of the building.

Image capture

  • This picture was taken on my Canon 5D (that dates the image to the year 2013).
  • My lens of choice was my Canon 17-40mm lens.
  • Handheld.
  • 1/1600th second. F9
  • ISO 400
  • Shooting straight into the sun.
  • Bracketed set of three images.
  • Captured in RAW

Processing – I will talk about this in a separate post.

And there are going to be alternative edits of this image over the weekend, which I consider to be a treat!


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