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How to choose your best photos from a holiday or photography trip

I need to pick up on my Santorini photos. As I explained yesterday, I have realised that I am not able to dedicate two months to my photos of Santorini – the reality is that if I stuck to this I would never get anything else done.

I have decided instead to schedule weekly posts, the first being about selecting the images from the trip.

I wanted to explain the point of these articles, which is to help people faced with a large number of images from a single trip. I have deliberately titled this post

“How to choose your best photos from a holiday or photography trip” to focus my writing to what will be helpful to the most people.

In the first post I will write about the process I go through to narrow down over 2000 images quickly and efficiently.

This is a change of emphasis on my photography blog – rather than just writing about me and what I have done I want to broaden out some of the posts to be of practical use to readers of my blog. This is the first post written specifically with this in mind.

This is the result of me thinking about what I am doing, and what I want to achieve with my photography blog.

Of course, world domination of the photography blogging sector is aim number 1. And increased traffic to my blog and website – we all want that after all don’t we?

But I also want to produce information that is helpful to people, that people will find value in, and that people will comment on and share.

I am sure there are many people out there just like me who have been away on holiday, come back, loaded the photos onto their computer and then not much more happens.

Seriously I have quite a few foreign holidays where all I have done is just that, and picked out a few nice photos and done quick edits.

So, the point of this post is to break that cycle, and come up with a plan to quickly select the best photos from a trip, which in this case is my photographic trip to Santorini, the lovely Greek island.

I am going to go through this in sections, with the first section being image selection.

At the end of this first post, scheduled for publication Friday 12th January 2017, I will produce a step by step action list for you and me to use for other such trips.

My aim before I embark on this image selection process is to narrow down the 2000 images to somewhere between 20 and 50 images for full editing.

Editing will be the next post, so I will restrict myself to image selection here.

The other point is what we all do with the photos we have taken – I have lots of thoughts and ideas about this.

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