As featured on the National Trust Twitter feed – 12 months ago today

 The woods at The Vyne, the wonderful National Trust site in Hampshire
The woods at The Vyne, the wonderful National Trust site in Hampshire

This is what I posted 12 months ago today. I remember this post.

“I was contacted by the National Trust recently, and asked if they could use the image above in their social media feeds.

I said yes of course. The National Trust. What an absolute privilege. 

This is the link to the Tweet – feel free to all head on over there and re-tweet this post!  I have!

The picture was taken on my Canon 6D with my Canon 24-105mm lens at in the woods at The Vyne. 

I wanted to capture the sun shining through the trees, and love this slightly overexposed image, which has a lovely, light natural feel to it.

I will be returning to The Vyne, and lots of other National Trust sites, to take more pictures. The National Trust sites are great locations to photograph any time of the year. 

Rick McEvoy Photography

Landscape photographer

Thursday 23rd February 2017.”

How has the quality of the production of blog posts improved over the last 12 months?

Quite a bit. Technical stuff has improved such as

  • Shorter page title – some of my old posts had titles so long the important bit was probably lost in Google.
  • External links – better quality, relevant external links
  • Blog post URL – shortened to have more effect in Google
  • The content has refined over the last 12 months as well, not that there was anything wrong with the content, but it is bound to evolve.

I do remember this post, as well as the National Trust making contact with me – the big question is – what impact did this have on my photography business?

Not a lot to be completely honest. And that is one of the problems with social media – we are all so obssessed with posting, likes, shares, thumbs up etc etc.

For what?

That is the thing I am not sure about. And the thing I think I am going to write about in an upcoming article on Improve Photography.

Rick McEvoy Photography – 12 months on



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