I left my Canon 6D in Programme by mistake during my sunrise shoot in Altea!

Thankfully in Programme Mode you can change the aperture and the shutter speed changes with it, so it was not a big problem.

It is just annoying that I did this.

I put my camera in Programme mode to shoot a video of the views from the top of the hill looking down on all of Altea and Benidorm in the distance.

This is the first video I have taken using my Canon 6D – I had to read the manual to find out how to do this!

But having found this out, I forgot to change the setting back to AV Mode, which is my go to mode.

So – lessons learned!

  1. Regularly check your camera settings.
  2. Have a copy of your camera manual on your phone so you can refer to it any time.
  3. And learn from your mistakes. Having said that, I have made so many mistakes I should be a genius! 

Schoolboy errors confessed to and learned from!

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