20 Lightroom keyboard shortcuts you might not have known about?

In no particular order, some of the lesser known keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom Classic.

1 – B – Add an image/ images to the target collection

2 – Shift control H – Create a new HDR file from selected images

3 – Shift Tab – remove panels from view

4 – N – takes you to survey mode for the selected images

5 – R – takes you straight to crop

6 – O changes the grid when you are in crop mode

7 – Control , – opens up Preferences

8 – L – turn the lights down! Press once and then twice and see that happens

9 – Control A – select all images

10 – Control Alt 1 – takes you to the Library Module

11 – Change to Control Alt 2 for Develop Module

12 – Control Alt 3 for Map Module

(I don’t use the other modules).

13 – Right arrow key – go to the next images in the film strip

14 – Left arrow key – go to the previous image

15 – F1 – takes you straight to the Adobe Help page

16 – \ – show the filter bar. Press again to hide it.

17 – Z – zoom in and out quickly

18 – D – takes you straight to the Develop Module

19 – Control Z – takes you back a step

20 – S – expand/ collapse a stack

Check out the Alt key too, especially in the Develop Module.

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