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Are You Looking For A High Quality Dorset Country House Photographer?

Are You Looking For A High Quality Dorset Country House Photographer?

Dorset is a wonderful county with hidden gems all over the place, and that includes stunning country houses.

If you are looking for a high quality Dorset country house photographer get in touch with me. I have been fortunate enough to photograph a fantastic variety of Dorset country houses. I am an architectural and real estate photographer based in Dorset. I specialise in photographing buildings and architecture – this is what I do. I provide a high quality service and deliver high quality images consistently.

One of my favourite things to photograph are these amazing country houses that are hidden away all over the wonderful county of Dorset. Check out my real estate photography portfolio to see examples of my work.

So please get in touch, or read on if you want to know more about me.

Dorset country house by Rick McEvoy

Why should you choose me?

Real Estate Agents

My job is to make it easy for you to get high quality photos of the Dorset country house you have been appointed to sell or lease quickly, efficiently, and professionally. I am locally based, and love doing this. I always feel that you get a better overall experience if you engage someone who loves doing what you are appointing them to do.

Property owners

I have photographed a number of country houses directly for the owners, as they want control of the images and the sales and appointing process.

I am more than happy to work for you as an owner, and will do everything I can to make the process as easy as possible for you. Every owner I have worked for has been a delight, proud of their homes and always interested in how I am taking the photos.

I have photographed houses before where I have not wanted to leave, such a nice time I was having!

All I ask is that you do a bit of prep so I can get your house at its best. More on that later.

Stylish country conservatory in Dorset


I have photographed loads of country homes in Dorset for architects, normally after works have been carried out to the properties.

Most of the work I do is with architects. I enjoy working with architects who value design and of course the wonderful work that they do. Very clever people too.

Where am I based?

I am based on the outskirts of Poole so never too far away. I only work locally these days, photographing buildings in Dorset and Hampshire. I only work further afield for really special projects.

Water feature and grounds of a magnificent Dorset country reseidence

What else do I photograph?

Nothing. I photograph buildings. The only other thing that I do is travel photography, my other photographic love. I use this work on my other websites, but you will find the odd bit of travel photography stuff on this website. But that is it.

No weddings, christenings, new-borns, portraits, pets. No headshots or corporate events. Nothing that involves people or animals at all. Now I need to say here that I do like people and animals, I just don’t photograph them!

I photograph buildings. And very well if I may say so!

I don’t photograph everything and anything. There is a degree of exclusivity about the work that I do these days.

Lovely interior space in Dorset

Am I qualified in this stuff?

Yes I am, which I hope you will find reassuring.

Photography qualifications

I am an Associate in the British Institute of Professional Photography (ABIPP), so yes I am. ABIPP is defined by the BIPP as “ABIPP is a high standard of craftsmanship, including the use of light, composition, image framing and cropping. The assessors are looking for a high level of skill and ability.” And that is me!

Construction qualifications

I can also throw in that I am a Chartered Builder (MCIOB), so I have this covered too.

Not only am I qualified – I teach this stuff

I teach real estate photography to photographers, and offer guidance to clients on how to get the real estate and architectural photos that they need. And doing this has really helped take my work and service to a higher level.

I am completely self-taught so this all through my own hard work and drive and desire to be excellent at photographing buildings.

Converted farmhouse in Dorset

How long have I been doing this?

A long time.


40 years of practising and loving everything about photography. And that love of photography just grows year on year.


I have over 35 years of experience professionally in construction. I have experienced most sectors and construction environments, so very little surprises me these days….

Real estate photography?

Commercially since 2007, but I have spent many years before that taking photos of buildings. This is what I have always loved doing.

Lovely light, bright Dorset dining room

What do my photos look like?

I have my own look which has evolved over the years. Check out my portfolio and you will see the look that I produce.

And I need to say here that my photos are always technically correct, well you would hope so.

I always try to show interiors and exteriors to their best, using wide angle lenses but not exaggerating spaces.

I am constantly working on my compositions – I mean on every shoot.

What properties do I photograph?

Well check out my portfolio and you will get an idea, but these days I am fortunate to photograph higher end properties, country residences, and of course ongoing and completed construction projects for architects, contractors, clients, developers and product manufacturers and suppliers.

What have I photographed in the past?

I started working commercially back in 2007, when I wanted to turn my hobby into a business. I did all sorts of things then, well anything for money to be honest.

The first photography job I did for money was photographing a celebrity chef no less! I have come on a long way sine then, and thinking back to then gives me cold sweats.

I also photograph damaged cars for £15 a shoot, then progressed up to photographing houses for an online estate agent. £50 per shoot but I also had to produce floorplans. I once photographed a cut on a man’s hand for an insurance company.

I have learned my trade from the bottom up, and am happy with my place now in the market. And after all these years and my experience my work is an enjoyable experience for me and my clients.

Converted farmhouse in Dorset

Do I process my own images?

Yes I do. I have been doing this for years and consider myself an expert Lightroom user. I only use Photoshop to remove stuff. I edit my photos to best represent properties, being technically accurate and flattering, realistic, genuine.

What gear do I use?

I have only been asked this once. It doesn’t matter, you don’t need to know. All you need to know is that I can get you high quality real estate photos.

Do I do video?

I can do pretty decent video walkthroughs if that is what you want.

I teach this stuff (so I must know about it!)

I help photographers make money from architectural, construction and real estate photography. I teach this stuff, and I write about it on my blog.

I have also written a number of blog posts helping clients commission architectural photographers.

I am currently working on a couple of real estate photography courses, including one teaching real estate agents how to take their own photos to a professional standard.

Spectacular interior space with views of the Dorset countryside

My checklists

I have a checklist which I issue to clients to ensure that a property is ready for the shoot – this helps save time and helps to get the best photos possible.

Stuff like light bulbs working and the same type in a room, surfaces clear – that kind of thing.

Your data is safe with me

I have very robust data management procedures in place, meaning that my photos are safely and securely backed up. I can produce a fresh copy of an image taken all the way back to 2007!

What if the weather is rubbish?

I can change the sky (for an additional fee of course) using some very funky software that I have. Rainy days are a no for me, but dry and overcast days I can deal with.

This is how I get round the challenge that is the British weather.

Being local helps as I can work round changes in the weather better than someone travelling from far away.

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If you want to know more about me, and for everything else just head over to my Start Here page.

My Photography Explained Podcast

Yes I am also a podcaster. I am the creator and everything else behind the Photography Explained Podcast, where I explain one photographic things per episode in less than 10 minutes without the irrelevant detail.

My You Tube Channel

Yes, I record a video of every blog post, and you can view the video for this post here.

OK – enough about me.

Yes, this is a sales pitch. I make no apologies for this. I spend all my time writing content that helps photographers make money from real estate photography, and helps clients, so every now and then a little bit about me is fine.

Get in touch if I can help you get the photos that you need. Phone or email, either is fine, and I look forward very much to hearing from you.

Please, any questions get in touch via my website. Cheers from me Rick

Rick McEvoy
Rick McEvoy Photography
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Rick McEvoy

I am Rick McEvoy, an architectural and construction photographer living and working in the South of England. I create high quality architectural photography and construction photography imagery of the built environment for architects and commercial clients. I do not photograph weddings, families, small people or pets - anything that is alive, moves or might not do as I ask!! I am also the creator of the Photography Explained Podcast, available on all major podcast providers. I have a blog on my website where I write about my work and photography stuff. Rick McEvoy ABIPP, MCIOB

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