Attn Architects: 15 Ways This Photographer Will Help You

Attn Architects 15 Ways This Photographer Will Help You
Photograph of a refurbished bulding at Horndean Technology College in Hampshire
Photograph of a refurbished bulding at Horndean Technology College in Hampshire

Are you an architect looking for a photographer to take photographs of your project?

Here are 15 ways I can help you

  • Architecture Photography – My Specialism
  • I can photograph your building wherever it is in its lifecycle.
  • You only deal with me
  • You get a high quality, bespoke, personal and professional service from me every time
  • I am professionally qualified in photography and construction
  • I bring a lifetime of construction and photography experience
  • I produce High quality images – well of course I do!
  • Creative composition with architectural understanding
  • Technically correct photos
  • Consistency of imagery
  • Just the images you need
  • My own individual style
  • Bespoke quotations with clear terms, inclusions and exclusions
  • Want your live construction site photographing? No problem.
  • I love buildings, construction and photography

Does this sound good to you? If so please dop me an email to

And please read on once you have done that to find out more about me and how I can help you get the photos you want of your building.

1 – Architecture Photography – My Specialism

Photo of a stunning country residence in Dorset by Rick McEvoy Photography
Photo of a stunning country residence in Dorset by Rick McEvoy Photography

I specialise in architecture photography, and all other aspects of photographing the built environment. I used do other types of photography, but I specialise in photographing buildings and anything related to buildings.

This is what I do.

This is what I specialise in.

And this is what I love doing – photographing buildings. Photographing architecture.

2 – I can photograph your building wherever it is in its lifecycle.

  • A plot of land in the planning phase
  • An existing building prior to refurbishment
  • A live construction site
  • A completed building or development or
  • A building being marketed for any purpose
  • A demolition site

When I say building I mean building, structure, plant, infrastructure, site, space or just an empty field awaiting some cool new development. Anything that is built basically, or about to be built.

I have successfully photographed all of these things and lots else in-between.And these are all very familiar to me with my professional construction experience.

My photography work

To see examples of my photographic work then please check out the three portfolio pages on my website.

Architectural Photography Portfolio

I do take photos on my travels which you can see in my Travel Photography Portfolio.

And for completeness here is my Landscape Photography Portfolio.

I photograph buildings in nice places, and also their surrounding environments. And every now and then a nice place without buildings.

But you get the idea!

3 – You only deal with me

Basically, I am my company. You only deal with me from start to finish. I agree the brief, provide you with the quote, take the photos, edit them and send the finished images to you.

So it is just you and I.

And that is why I suggest you go to my blog, where I write a weekly post about something related to me and my photography. You will get a flavour for who I am as I write as I speak. My blog posts are me, and people who have read my blog say that they feel like they already know me when they meet me or speak to me.

My You Tube channel

And to really get to know me check out my YouTube channel, where you can see and hear me talk about something photography related.

This is a very important thing to me – when you commission me you are doing just that – you are not commissioning someone who just points a camera at things – you are commissioning me and the way I see things, and also the way I create images the way I do with the look that I do.

4 – You get a high quality, bespoke, personal and professional service from me every time.

Now that I have got the me bit out of the way the next bit is equally important.

I try to make the process as easy as possible for you to get the pictures you want. My quotations are simple and concise – you always know what you are getting, and when you are getting it.

I am nice

I am nice to deal with. I like people, good job really considering it is just me – the last thing you want is some grumpy person working for you! I am professional and personable and enjoy my work very much, so you will get a happy chap (unless I am concentrating or have forgotten something and am inwardly panicking!).

I am completely comfortable with the fact that I can only do on thing at once, so when I am concentrating on taking photos I tend to get into a zone!

Great service is important to me

I pride myself on providing the best service that I can from the intitial enquiry all the way through to issuing the edited images. And that final invoice of course – yes I do that as well.

This is all very important to me, as are my clients.

I can also provide a complete set of fully edited images quickly if needed. You are never waiting weeks when you deal with me, just a few working days – quicker if required.

I have produced fully edited image sets by 8am the morning after an afternoon shoot – just tell me what you want and when you need it and I will see what I can do to help you.

5 – I am professionally qualified in photography and construction

There are very few (if any) photographers who are professionally qualified in both photography and construction.

That makes me different.

This another reason why I might be just the person you are looking for to photograph your project.

Associate of the British Institute of Professional Photography

I am a professionally qualified photographer, being an Associate Member of the British Institute of Professional Photography (ABIPP).

BIPP qualified logo ABIPP White.jpg


I am also professionally qualified in building construction, being a Member of the Chartered Institute of Building (MCIOB). And I have held this professional desingnation for some years now.

A professional double whammy!

It is quite unusual for an architectural photographer to be professionally qualified in both photography and building construction. I enjoy being able to combine my two professions, my two areas of expertise, to provide high quality architectural photography from an unusually well informed position.

Architecture photography is my thing!

6 – Construction and photography experience

I combine my extensive experience of all types of building construction, and over 30 years of enjoying my photography, with the latest digital processing software and techniques.

I am familiar with all stages of the construction process. This gives me a unique edge over other photographers who will not have my in-depth construction experience.

I like this stuff!

I am also genuinely interested in architecture and construction, and have an eye for architectural and construction details.

I feel that this combination of skills and experience give me a distinct advantage photographing buildings for architects.

7 – High quality imagery

Winchester School of Art by Rick McEvoy Architectural Photographer

Winchester School of Art by Rick McEvoy Architectural Photographer

High quality imagery is what I am all about. I use the photography gear that allows me to to create high quality imagery. As an architect you are probbaly not interetested in which camera and lenses I use, nor the camera settings used.

Quite right too – all you need to care about is the photos that you are paying for.

That is how it should be. My job is to give you the highest quality images that I can to fully satisfy your brief.

I have been a student and practitioner of photography for many years. My photography work is constantly evolving and improving. I became an Associate in the BIPP 2 years ago, and my photography is much better now than it was then!

8 – Creative composition with architectural understanding

So important. To me the most important thing is the content of an image. The composition and how the elements in an image relate and work together.

And what the light is doing, how the light interacts in the scene.

Now I know that on some of my commercial shoots all I have time to do is capture the interiors and exteriors, but I always put as much time as is available into each and every composition.

Architectural details

I also capture the important architectural features. The major design features, technical details, subtle colours and lighting.

All these things need careful consideration in each and every image capture.

And if time and space permit I take every photo on a tripod, which helps me to create the best composition I can.

9 – Technical correctness

Correctly exposed and in-focus – these things are a given.

Here I am talking about correct verticals, horizontals, shapes and colours.

I take every photo I can on a tripod. I take every image with the horizontals correct, and the verticals as correct as the composition permits.

And if I cannot compose the image with the verticals vertical then I deliberately compose the image with processing in mind to provide the most accurate and authentic corrections.

Technical image editing

When I am back in my office I check every image and make the necessary corrections with precision. And then do something that makes the photo look more natural.

It is these subtle tweaks that can make a difference to an image.

10 – Consistency of imagery

I can take photographs of a building on different days and put them together and you might not even notice. This depends of course on the consistency of the light, but my image capture and processing are to well defined workflows.

I have photographed multiple sites for archtects over a matter of months which, when put together, make coherent portfolios.

If you look at my architectural portfolio you should be able to see what I am talking about.

11 – Just the images you need

I take the images that I need to take to cover the brief you give me. I will take additional shots of things that I think will be of interest.

And then when I am back in my office I will go through the images and select a set that I feel satisfies the brief. I edit those images and issue them for approval.

This is typically 20-30 images, often less than that.

I do not give you all the images I take, just what the brief calls for.

Unless that is

Of course if there are additional images required I will provide these, but this very rarely happens. And if a shoot produces more than 30 images then that is what you get. And if 10 images is enough that is all I issue.

It just depends on the brief and the subject matter.

I am very proficient at providing fully edited sets of images that fully satisfy the brief.

And this saves you time.

12 – My style

My style is my style. I have my own look for my architectural work. I have a look for my travel work too.

And I have to say this – if you do not like the look of the photos on this website then don’t hire me – I am clearly not for you!

You can see my style in the photos on my website and in my blog.

This has evolved over the years into my thing that I love.

13 – Bespoke quotations with clear terms, inclusions and exclusions

I usually work on either a half-day rate or a full day rate. I can however price a project any way you want, so if you have other requirements just let me know and I will work something out for you.

My quotations are always in writing, and clearly explain what is included, and equally importantly what is not included.

I am not cheap

I am not the cheapest photographer, so if you want me to photograph your building for £100 then I politely suggest that you try another photographer.

In the past I have photographed buildings for online estate agents, earning a princely £50 per shoot! And before that I was photographing cars that had been in accidents for insurance brokers for a £25 fee (plus mileage).

Those days are long gone now thankfully, through a lot of hard work, training practise and persistence.

I work on bespoke commissions only these days, which is just how I like it.

14 – Want your live construction site photographing? No problem.


I am a current CSCS card holder so live construction sites are not a problem to me. They are in fact the environment that I have worked in all my life so are completely normal to me. Constructions sites of all types, shapes and sizes.


I have all my own PPE, so I am equipped to access most construction sites. I say most because every now and then a site appears that has unusual requirements. The last site that I was photographing that caused me to have to get some new gear for was a quarry with a live rail siding, where I had to buy yellow high vis trousers.

And another time I had to buy fishing waders to photograph a building from a river!

Construction site experience

Site inductions and all that good stuff are second nature to me so not a problem at all – I doubt if there are any other photographers who are as familiar with live construction sites as I am.

Again this saves everyone time as I access construction the same was as any other contractors.

And my gear has evolved so I am able to access anywhere on a construction site – roof, excavation, scaffold, MEWP. You provide the safe place of work and I will take photos from it.

15 – I love buildings, construction and photography

Yes this is what I love to do. This is my environment, and the place where my two professional worlds meet.

Further reading

I want to direct you to two pages on my website

My Work With Me page

and my Construction Photographer page, which gives you links to lots more related reading.


I hope that you have found this post of interest, and that I have convinced you that I can help you get photos of your building or project for you.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you.


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Rick McEvoy

I am Rick McEvoy, an architectural and construction photographer living and working in the South of England. I create high quality architectural photography and construction photography imagery of the built environment for architects and commercial clients. I do not photograph weddings, families, small people or pets - anything that is alive, moves or might not do as I ask!! I am also the creator of the Photography Explained Podcast, available on all major podcast providers. I have a blog on my website where I write about my work and photography stuff. Rick McEvoy ABIPP, MCIOB

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