10 Tips on getting work as an architectural photographer - this is my second article on the Improve Photography website

This is the second article in my series about being an architectural photographer. You can read the article on the Improve Photography website. It was published on Tuesday 24th October, at 10am in the time zone 7 hours behind where I am now. Work that one out! (I can'T).

Yes I am really working across time zones now which in itself is interesting.

In this article I write about some of the things that I have learned that will hopefully help readers get work as an architectural photographer.

The 10 areas I cover are

  1. Clients - who might you work for as an architectural photographer
  2. Who is your ideal client? I know who mine is, and for that matter who is not.
  3. Marketing. How do you get clients? How do you get people to find you?
  4. Branding. What are clients looking for? How should you present yourself to the outside world?
  5. Website. What should your website contain. What will convince the ideal client to engage with you?
  6. SEO. Search engine optimisation. A minefield or just common sense? What do you need to do?
  7. Social Media. Is this relevant? Do you need to bother? Should you chase likes/ thumbs ups/ comments/ followers?
  8. Pricing. What do you need to think about when putting a price together for an architectural photography job?
  9. Commercial Matters. Less interesting than anything else, but also very important.
  10. Professionalism. You are trying to run a business right? So be professional.

You can read all about this article from the link above.

The next article will be all about planning a shoot.

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