My Moody, Mysterious Jetty Shots - Three Different Versions - Choose Your Favourite

Jetty Colour
Jetty - The Final Cut - Rick McEvoy Photography
Jetty Fade

Three versions of the same shot. Which do you prefer?

Left is the colour original version.

The middle shot is the one processed in Photoshop.

And the one on the right was done in Lightroom only.

So which do you prefer?

I like all three. I just wish I could go back and re-shoot this jetty knowing what I know now.

One day I will return to this old jetty on Lake Windermere one evening at sunset, and apply everything I have learned since I took this shot.

So back to the images. These are just three versions of this shot. Why so many? Beacuase I love the composition. It was a long expsoure, 30 seconds, F22, ISO 200. If I was taking this shot now I would be using ISO 100, F16, a slightly different viewpoint and my 10 stop neutral density filter.. I would take this shot from various different angles, with different lenses, playing with apertures too for selective focus. And shutter speeds. And filters. And I might throw in a bit of light painting for good measure as well.

I would probably spend a couple of hours in this one location, trying all sorts out.

Why would I now spend so long at one location? Simple.

i took this shot in 2008, and stil go back to it.

And now I know I could produce a better final image, with all that I have learnt since taking this shot.

Photography is all about learning. I am constantly working on all aspects of photography, composition, technical stuff, equipment to help me take better photos and of course processing.

Thank you for reading this post.

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