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I have updated the image set on my home page, which you can view at

I will be posting these new images on my Blog, explaining the background to these images, and why they are on my home page, along with a bit about the post processing. But first I need to explain how I have arrived at this set of 12 images.

I specialise in architectural, commercial, construction, industrial, interior and property photography.

This is my core commercial photographic work.

This is where I combine my technical photographic expertise with my creative photographic eye to produce consistently excellent and creative technical imagery.

I provide excellent, professional customer service for every client.

The other part of my photographic world is my landscape and travel photography. This is where I explore, create and experiment. This is my photographic playground. What I learn here I apply to my commercial work, enabling me to constantly push my photography to new and higher levels.

But back to these twelve images. They are all commercial photography work (nearly, but I will explain).

They are, in no particular order (I really mean that as the order will change from time to time);

Chideock Church, Dorset. I was commissioned to photograph the new dome to this lovely church in West Dorset.

Chideock Church, Dorset. Roof tiles. A lovely detailed shot of the roof tiles on the new dome.

Bar interior - Lucca. Ok this is not commercial in that I did not get paid for it – I would love to be paid to photograph bars in Tuscany! But it is a commercial interior shot which I love.

Rockwool product shot - Portsmouth. A shot of a major Portsmouth City Council high rise residential refurbishment project for Rockwool, the suppliers of the cladding system being installed.

Dorchester Fire Station and DFRS HQ, Poundbury, Dorset. I love this view, showing the three different architectural elements of the development on the edge of Poundbury.

Interior shot, Sandbanks. A lovely interior shot with sea views on the world famous Sandbanks in Poole, Dorset.

Poole Police Station, Poole, Dorset. Another major new development in Dorset that I was commissioned to photograph by the architect.

Rendering product shot, Poole, Dorset. Stunning new houses in Poole, taken from a commission from a render manufacturer and installer.

Wimborne Minster, Dorset. Commissioned by me for me. OK it’s not a commercial shot but is striking anyway!

Catnic lintol product shot. Lintols are lintols. But when given to me to photograph you can expect something hopefully interesting like this alternative and creative product shot taken on a live construction site.

BASF Walltite product shot, Poole, Dorset. Construction product shots do not have to be boring when you ask me to take them. I love this shot of spray applied insulation.

RNLI Memorial, Poole, Dorset. Another stunning subject matter at RNLI HQ in Poole, Dorset.

So why these twelve images?

Where has my tree shot gone I hear you say?

Well I wanted my home page to represent a specific and to me very significant proportion of my commercial photography work, all to do with buildings and structures. I also wanted to post images that mean something locally (please excuse the bar shot!).

So after lots and lots of deliberation this is my new portfolio if you like. I want potential clients to visit my website, and to know what they can expect me to provide.

Technically excellent, creative, high quality imagery.

Thank you for reading this post – please visit my website where you can find out more about me and my photography, and find out how to get in touch with me.

Footnote - I do not post all my commercial work, and not all of it straight away. Sometimes my clients need a degree of exclusivity for their imagery. There are commissions that I will never post - as I said I provide a bespoke service on every commission I undertake.

Footnote 2 - When you hire me you get me. I do all the photography stuff from start to finish.

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