A great image of Dorchester Fire Station and DFRS HQ, Poundbury, Dorset.

Dorchester Fire Station and DFRS HQ, Poundbury, Dorset, by architectural photographer Rick McEvoy

I love this view, showing the three different architectural elements of the development on the edge of Poundbury.

In the foreground is the fire station building itself, with all that goes on inside a modern fire station. To the left are the three appliance bays. The separate building to the right is the Dorset Fire and Rescue Service HQ building. In this view you cannot see the two other buildings, the training building and the appliance bay workshop.

The buildings were designed in the unique architecture styles that can be found at Poundbury, on land owned by the Duchy of Cornwall.

This is one of my favourite places to photograph architecture in Dorset, being so different and offering an architectural photographer great designs to work with.

I will be posting later on this year about some other Poundbury photography work I have completed.

I will be posting these new images on my Blog, explaining the background to these images, and why they are on my home page, along with a bit about the post processing. But first I need to explain how I have arrived at this set of 12 images.

I specialise in architectural, commercial, construction, industrial, interior and property photography.

This is my core commercial photographic work.

Technical info about this shot.

1/750th second, F11, 22mm on my Canon 17-40mm F4L lens, taken on a tripod using my Canon 5D. ISO 200. The image was taken late morning, when the sun was on the southern facing elevation of the building. Processing of this image was done in Lightroom initially, with further work in Photoshop.

Forget this nonsense about only shooting at noon – it just does not work like that for commercial architectural photography – you have to get the shots you need on the day so you need to plan the suns position and shoot accordingly.

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