Great image of Poole Harbour with nice natural blurry cloud motion

Poole Harbour

Poole Harbour

Ok so I have discovered the blur feature in Photoshop. And am rather enjoying it. 

i have been looking for new image to work on and post, and came across this prime contender for some Photoshop blur action.

But I did not get that far. This is Lightroom editing only. The sky was blurred anyway. All I did in Photoshop was a bit of distracting removal of stuff in the ground. Which I think is fair enough. 

Mall thebwork with the colours and the mood is done in Lightroom, using the Basic panel. 

Why they call it the basic panel is beyond me! It is far from that. 

Anyway back to the photo. The colours on the flat water shining out of the darkness make this image for me. 

Thr image capture I am happy with. Content, composition and exposure. All that good stuff done correctly. 

But it was the realisation that there was that colour in the water reflecting from the sunset that makes this image stand out. 

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