New London Photographer page for Rick McEvoy Photography

I have so many great London images I have decided to create a new web page dedicated to this great city. It is titled

London Photographer | Photography London

and this new web page can be viewed at

The page features 10 of my favourite shots of London, confined to two subjects ony, The Shard and London Bridge.

Two of the images are included in this post.

London Bridge

London Bridge by Rick McEvoy, London Photographer

London Bridge by Rick McEvoy, London Photographer

This is the view from the south bank of the River Thames, and you can see the Gherkin (Credit Suisse if you are being correct I do believe) inside the frame of the bridge. Obviously I meant this. Ok no I didn't - complete coincidence. The Walky Talky building (20 Fenchurch Street) is visible to the left.

But this shot is all about this stunning, world famous, iconic landmark structure. Claimed to be

"the most famous bridge in the world"

on the official website

and who I am to argue with that claim? I just love this bridge, and the patriot in me loves the fact that it is ours.

Moving on.....

My favourite new structure, The Shard.

The Shard, London, by Rick McEvoy London Photographer

The Shard, London, by Rick McEvoy London Photographer

This is a great view looking up (the plane is the clue if you did not realise that!). I tried to capture the patterns and scale in part of the structure. I have other shots of the whole building, but am loving this sort of close up of part of it. Obviously the plane overhead made this shot - well worth the wait. This is one of those shots that I actually planned, and waited for. I waited for some clouds to provide interest - blue skies can be boring all the time - and of course for a plane to fly over. This one was just where I wanted it.

During processing i tried the black and white conversion in Lightroom - ie I selected the black and white tab! No fancy presets on this one.

Nice and simple. And dark and moody.

Check out my London page for more images of these two great structures, and the rest of my website where you can view more of my work.

I am a photographer base in Dorset specialising in architectural photography, commercial photography and industrial photography in London.

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