Sandbanks Chain Ferry, Poole, Dorset - close up shot of one of the chains

Chain, Sandbanks, Dorset

Chain, Sandbanks, Dorset

The chain ferry takes you from the Haven Hotel across the entrance to Poole Harbour to Studland Bay.  The ferry runs along fixed chains, this is one of them.

It is only a short crossing, but can save you miles depending where you are going from and to. 

I often go down here just to see what is going on and to see if there is anything interesting to photograph, which there normally is. 

On this particular day I was using my 70-200mm F4 lens. It is nice to restrict yourself to just one lens, and the 70-200 is, believe it or not, a great landscape lens. 

Landscape photography is not always all about wide angle views and sweeping majestic vistas. It can also be about tighter framing, excluding things from the view and isolating one singe thing, like this chain.  And shooting from different positions and angles.

This shot was taken at F5.6, as I wanted to really isolate the focal point in the middle, drawing you into this single point of the chain, the subject matter. That in e link in the centre.

Sometimes dead central is boring, but not always. 

In post processing I worked further on this principle of drawing you into that one link on the chain, a big, long heavy chain strong enough to move a chain ferry full of cars.

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