New Cornwall Photographer page coming soon on my website

I am preparing a new Cornwall photographer web page, featuring a selection of my pictures of Cornwall (not surprisingly).

As a regular visitor to this lovely county I have a half decent selection of Cornwall pictures. 

I will be going through my catalogue and including 12 of my favourite photos of Cornwall. I know one of them straight away, one of my definite favourites which I have re-edited to give it a slightly different feel more in line with my current style which I have been working hard on.

Enough about that until tomorrow.

The new page will include a variety of Cornwall landscape photography images and a few famous names, well one.

A famous Chef based in Cornwall. Not the chef, his building. Well the sign for it!

I will also include some interesting and humorous cornwall photography, another of my favourite Cornwall images featuring a large sea gull sat on top of ladder on guard!

You can reach this new page at

There are lots of photographers in Cornwall, and I have to make the most of my trips over there from Dorset, quite a long but very rewarding journey. I always come back with some excellent images, not hard from such a great location.

I have also recently been looking at the work of other Cornwall photographers, trying to get ideas for new locations to shoot on my next trip over there. I am not looking to copy other people's work, but want ideas about new locations which I can visit and try to come up with something new.

Obviously I want my new page to be a success, as I would love to attract new work to add to my photographers Cornwall portfolio. I am looking forward to assembling my top 12 photography Cornwall images 

My favourite locations for taking photos in Cornwall tend to be on the north coast, from St Ives working up the coast, often getting stuck around Watergate Bay and the area north of Newquay.

I need to try out some new locations. 

Thank you for reading this post all about my new photographer Cornwall web page.

Please come back to my blog soon at

to view the selection of images I have put together. 

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