Blackberry Camera Phone

I have been trying to compare the performance of my Blackberry to other cameras I have, including my new construction site friendly Olympus Tough TG-310, which is probably the worst cameras I own, but hopefully tough enough for day to day use.

So first off is the shot of the RNLI Memorial Sculpture in Poole, Dorset, which I took on my Blackberry. The sun was so bright on Sunday that I could not see the screen to frame the shot - one of the major disadvantages of anything that does not have a viewfinder (and one of the reasons I love my Canon G11 so much!).

So this shot is adequate, posted as taken without any tweaks.

Next will be the new Olympus, followed by the G11....

Oh yes you can also view this shot on Twitter - my name is Rickphoto, and you can find this at