Canon EOS 5D Mark 3 Review


My review of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

So what does it do for £3000?

After the EOS 5D Mark 2 was introduced offering HD video this was always going to be an integral feature of the new camera. My difficulty is that whilst I love the 5D, I have no interest in HD video recording. Hence why I have been loyal to my 5d Mark 1.

So what else has it got to offer?

22,3 Mexapixel full-frame sensor.

A faster, 6 frame per second shooting speed.

A faster autofocus system, great for sports and action shooting.

A 61-point auto-focus system.

ISO Range up to 25,000 (standard range). This is the first new feature of interest to me to be honest. Sure 23 mega pixels would be great but I currently get fantastic results with my Mark 1. The extended ISO range, without the noise gain, is a great feature for any photography in low light, be it portraits, landscapes, architecture or wedding photography. This I would really love to have.

And the extended range up to 102,400 ISO is quite frankly ridiculous. Fantastically ridiculous. Thinking about this logically, you will be able to photograph things you can’t necessarily see. How will that work? Another handy feature, the extended focusing range, will come in here. It has been extended to -2EV to 18EV, as good as the EOS-1D X, which I definitely cannot afford!

In camera HDR!!! Now I am not sure how this will work, and if it will improve on my current HDR workflow, but it sounds like a great feature to me.

And I am sure that the DIGIC 5+ processor will make a significant difference, giving a 2 stop increase on the standard ISO range over the Mark 2. Or can I get over that with my tripod?

More focusing goodies - Spot, Zone and AF Point Expansion focusing – all sounds rather complicated to me to be honest but I am sure it is good stuff.

And many other features, probably too many to mention.

So will I buy one? No. Why can’t Canon come up with a new DSLR with just some of the features listed above? All I really want, and am prepared to pay for, is an upgrade of the technology in the excellent, and much loved, EOS 5D Mark 1. If they just upgrade the mega-pixels, ISO range, focusing range, in camera HDR, integral sensor cleaning and an up to date processor capable of processing this little lot then probably yes. But I am not going to be paying £3,000 for features that I really do not want. I did not buy the Mark 2 for the same reason. I do worry that cameras are so packed with technology that the taking of the photographs is going to get lost. This is another reason why I stick with my good old 5D. I have a very simple technique that lets me concentrate on taking photographs, not on what the camera is capable of doing technically.


Maybe there is a new Canon out there for me somewhere. I think I had better check the rest of the range!


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