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My corporate photographer web page has been updated with additional text to accompany the existing set of images, and can be viewed at the link below

Rick McEvoy LBIPP - Corporate Photographer, Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire.

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A bit more about the Corporate Photography work carried out in Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire by Rick McEvoy Photography.

The vast majority of my photographic work is carried out in the commercial sector. I have photographed most types of corporate premises, inside and out, and have also carried out head shots for companies for their websites and brochures.

On every shoot I focus on providing high quality images.

On this page I have included a variety of corporate property images, showing a range of pro digital photography skills.

I love the first shot of the sign in front of the Shard for the Shangri La Hotel. Everyone else at the Shard is looking up, and I was looking around and spotted this little gem. This image deserved a bit of additional work to produce an end product I am delighted with.

The next shot is one of those familiar look up shots taken at Canary Wharf. Again ultra-modern buildings deserve ultra-modern, sharp image processing.Next up is the RNLI College in Poole. I have included this shot to show that interesting images can be taken even when it is cold, greasy and cloudy. It is not possible to do every commercial shoot in perfect light in England.Or Edinburgh come to that. So if it is cloudy one other option is to go in a completely different route and produce a completely different image. This is a highly stylised shot which I have again included to show the range of images I can produce if required.Finally an image that goes completely the other way, a soft image of the main stand at AFC Bournemouth featuring the logo of the main sponsor.


My commercial experience
I have over 30 years of professional working experience in industry in a variety of public and private bodies so am familiar with and comfortable in corporate environments.

I can photograph your corporate event small or large, individual presentations, large groups, major events or premises openings.

I provide a very high quality professional photography service, and pride myself on providing images quickly to satisfy the brief. I have never missed a client deadline. I take all the images myself, and can make the most reluctant subject appear relaxed and happy to be photographed. I also bring a lifetime of photographic experience to my work. I process all the images myself.

Rick McEvoy LBIPP - Corporate Photographer

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