iPhone Photography and Lightroom Mobile by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer

iPhone Photography and Lightroom Mobile by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer

This image was taken on my iPhone 6. It is of a traditional Hovis sign in a bakers shop.

This is the image straight from my iPhone with no editing at all. The problems with this image are;

1 - The angle of the sign which need correcting (I could not reach any higher to get a proper straight shot).

2 - The image, whilst excellent considering it was taken using a phone, is flat and needs to be given more punch and bite.

3 - The background is distracting.

This Jpeg file was exported from Lightroom Mobile on my PC. Lightroom Mobile does this amazing thing where it syncs your iPhone photos into your Lightroom catalogue and back again after adjustments.

This is the second image, corrected using Lightroom Mobile on my phone (whilst lying on my sofa).

The verticals have been corrected, and I have made basic corrections and adjustments to the image using Lightroom Mobile. (I had to correct the verticals in Lightroom on my PC though).

Not bad I have to say, very impressive all (most) using my phone.

Finally, the full edit version.

I copied the orginal file in Lightroom 5, then did a full set of adjustments, and then took the image into Photoshop where I masked and darkened the edges. Ideally I would change the background completely, but you get the idea. These are just quick edits to show the capabilities of the Iphone and Lightroom Mobile.


The iPhone 6 is an amazing phone, and now with Lightroom Mobile integration this takes it to another level. In terms of time, I probably spent as long on my phone fiddling about it with the edit than I did using my PC and the full versions of Lightroom and Photoshop, but the phone can provide very impressive results on the go.

All these images were exported from Lightroom at a reduced size for this post, so the resolution capabilities of the iPhone cannnot be assessed correctly here.

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