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I have updated the images and text on my freelance photographer web page, which can be viewed in full on my website from the folowing link

Rick McEvoy LBIPP - Freelance Photographer, Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire

About me - Rick McEvoy - Freelance Photographer

I am a professionally qualified freelance photographer living in Dorset. I am a member of the British Institute of Professional Photography. I specialise in architectural, building, commercial, construction, industrial and property photography, working on an individual commission basis.

Being freelance I can offer complete flexibility in pricing and service delivery, all to suit your specific needs. I take all the photographs and do all the digital processing myself so there is no-one else for you to deal with from the initial enquiry to paying the bill!

I have completed a wide variety range of freelance photography assignments ranging from the photographing of a well-known celebrity chef holding a dishwasher tablet to a brand new Police Station, and lots in between.

I always provide a very high quality professional service and have never missed a client deadline.

About the images on this page
The five images which I have included on this page were taken in October 2014 in Padstow, Cornwall. All the images were taken on my Canon EOS 6D with my trusty 24-105mm F4L lens. All photos were taken hand held as I was travelling light!

All images were taken in the RAW format, and have been processed in Lightroom only. I only use Photoshop if I have to.

I like this set of shots, as they are not the usual images you associate with Padstow. It was a cloudy day there, and everyone else was taking photographs of the views of the harbour and the boats. I went down the slipway to the beach to find some different views.

Costs for my freelance photography
I usually work on a daily or half daily rate, but can work on an hourly basis or fixed price, whichever you prefer. My price includes everything up to and including the production of an agreed set of copyright free images in whatever electronic format you require. The price I quote is the price you pay.


Rick McEvoy LBIPP - Freelance Photographer


Bournemouth | Poole | Sandbanks | Dorset | Hampshire


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