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Rick McEvoy LBIPP, Building Photographers in Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire

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I am Rick McEvoy, and as you will have gathered by now I am a professional photographer based in Dorset. I provide high quality photography services to architects, builders, developers and property owners. I specialise in all aspects of photographing buildings and the built environment, interiors and exteriors. I add many years as a construction professional to my photographic expertise, as well as my fascination with buildings of all types. I also take on other commercial and industrial photography work.

I am a professionally qualified photographer, and provide a high quality, professional photography service.

My website is in sections, describing in words and pictures the photographic work that I do. This page is all about my work as a building photographer, and features five images taken at one commercial shoot. The building in question is called Lower Bridmore Farm, Dorset, and the images were taken for the architect, Andrew Stone. The building has been extensively renovated and extended.

All these images were taken on my Canon EOS 5D using my 17-40 F4 L and 24-105 F4 L lenses, all in RAW format. The original image set I gave to Andrew was processed in Adobe Lightroom, but this set has been re-worked using in addition Topaz Labs Lightroom plug-ins, to give a slightly different end product. I like to experiment with new techniques and software to give me a range of digital processing skills that I can apply to different situations and client requirements.

On my other web pages you can see lots of other photographs of buildings, including other commercial work I have done for Andrew Stone.

Rick McEvoy LBIPP - Building Photographers

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