Photography in Bournemouth

I am posting a selection of photographs taken in Bournemouth, Poole and further afield in Dorset.

The first photograph is of Bournemouth Bay, taken from Undercliff Drive looking west towards Bournemouth Pier. Above the end of the pier to the left you can make out the entrance to Poole Harbour, and if you follow the land to the left you can see Old Harry Rocks and Swanage Bay.

The photograph was taken in the summer of 2011 on my Canon EOS 5D with 24-105mm f4 L lens. The exposure was 1/1000 second at f8, ISO 400. I used aperture priority mode for the shot as I wanted optimum quality and was confident that the scene could be correctly metered by my camera.

This is one of my favourite images of Bournemouth Bay, which has only been slightly enhanced in Adobe Lightroom 4. All I have done is basic corrections, dust spotting and boosted levels, contrast and colours.

The clouds and the reflection of the clouds on the sea along with the blues, greens and aquamarines make this image for me.

You can see more photographs taken in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset and further afield on my website. My home page can be accessed from the following link