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Rick McEvoy LBIPP - Interior Photographer, Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire

I specialise in photographing the built environment, and work exclusively in the commercial, industrial and property sectors.
Interior photography can be challenging, and I often find myself squeezed into a corner trying to get the best view, even with ultra-wide angle and sometimes fish-eye lenses!

Interior photography is a specialism itself within architectural photography, but broadly speaking I am looking to achieve the same outcome - an accurate rendition of the space showing the key features and highlighting the architectural intent of the design.

I have recently started a new interior photography service, 360 degree panoramas. This is an exciting new challenge for me, and I will be producing a new web page to cover this area of work in 2015. In the meantime look out for some new panoramic images on my website in the very near future.

I am also working on the Google Business View programme, providing 360 degree panoramas to businesses which are published on the companies Google + and Google Local pages.

This page of my website contains 5 interior photography images, showing how I portray the interior space to its best with a range of compositional and processing styles.

1 - The Shard, London

This image was taken from the public viewing gallery in the Shard, showing the stylish interior against the spectacular city of London backdrop. I tried to create a nice, clean, natural feel with this image, taken in the RAW format with minimal correction in Lightroom. The daffodils add a nice splash of colour and provide an organic contrast to the scene.

2 - Lola Lo Bar, Bournemouth

The next image is a bar interior in Bournemouth from a commercial shoot. I wanted this image to have an ultra-sharp, almost surreal feel to it, so took the image from a low than normal angle. The time spent on composition as ever has paid off, and a bit of extra processing work has enhanced the colours and given the shot that modern sharp and dare I say night clubby feel?

3 - Chideock Manor Library

I photographed the library for a lovely commercial shoot in West Dorset. The library has recently been constructed as an extension to a private residence. The library is designed and constructed to a very high standard, with incredible flair, sensitivity and detailing by the architect producing a stunning interior, brand new but from a time gone by. Very careful composition means that this image has not been cropped at all.

4 - Chideock Church Dome

If this Dome was in Paris or Rome people would be flocking to see it. It is in the lovely West Dorset village of Chideock, tucked away on a side road out of the village. The Dome has recently been replaced with this stunning new addition. To photograph this I had to lie on my back with my tripod just above my face to fir it all in - this is with a 17mm focal length! I will be returning with my new fisheye zoom lens to re-photograph this absolutely stunning dome interior.

5 - Country kitchen, Dorset

This shot was part of a set taken for a private house holder who wanted to have control over the images and the marketing of their fantastic country house. The kitchen opened up on gardens to the rear of the property, which was absolutely amazing but challenging photographically. The exposure value range across the scene was more than a single images could handle, and as I wanted to produce a natural image HDR was not an option to me, so careful exposure along with old fashioned darkroom skills produced a technically excellent image.

Finally, a little bit more about Interior Photographer Rick

My interior photography work is carried out for commercial property owners, architects, landlords, estate agents, construction companies and developers in Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire. I always use Canon pro DSLR equipment, and process all the images myself using Adobe software. I use natural light and tripods wherever possible, with the only exception being where there isn’t enough actual space for me and my tripod to actually fit - small rooms, plant rooms and stairs being the usual culprits. I do have other bits of kit to get into these spaces though!

I produce a draft set of low resolution edited images for approval within 72 hours of the shoot - often much quicker. I will not give you hundreds of images to plough through, just what you asked for.

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Rick McEvoy LBIPP - Interior Photographer

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