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This is a recent shot of a Poole Quay sunset. I was looking for some foreground interest in addition to the lovely boats moored up, and this was helpfully provided by the rope and mooring post. I know that technically you should not shoot into the sun, but I like the effect, and rules are there to be broken of course! I decided to shoot this shot at an angle to accentuate the rope leading the viewer into the picture. I also wanted to capture the gritty detail in the footpath abutting the water.

This image was taken using my Canon 5D and 17-40mm F4L Lens. I shot at a low ISO setting to minimise noise in the shadows in RAW format. To get the detail in the foreground and the background I had to shoot at F22 and pre-focus to make sure everything was sharp.

The image you are viewing here is a low resolution JPEG version of the edited TIFF file.

My processing technique these days consists of importing the RAW file into Lightroom where I organise all my images. Following import I sort the images, firstly deleting unwanted images the keepers I sort, rate, keyword, rename and file.

My processing starts in Lightroom where I do basic corrections such as dust spotting, white balance correction, lens distortion and some dodging and burning. I then further process using either Photoshop CS6 or Lightroom plug-ins. I have recently discovered the Topaz Labs Lightroom plug-ins, which give great results.

I only ever shoot in RAW format, as this gives me the maximum information and all the flexibility. Once finished I export from Lightroom low resolution Jpeg images for my website and anything else requiring small file sizes. Full size edited image are quite large, and much too slow for the impatient world we all live in.

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I am a professional photographer based in Dorset providing high quality professional photography services to commercial and private clients in Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire. I have recently qualified as a member of the British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP).


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I normally work on a daily or half daily rate, but can work on an hourly basis or fixed price, whichever you prefer. My price includes everything up to and including the production of an agreed set of copyright free images in whatever electronic format you require. The price I quote is the price you pay.



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A final set of images is always delivered within 1 working week of the shoot, quicker if required.

I have never failed to meet a client deadline.


I don’t take thousands of images, just what the brief requires, and I do not give my clients hundreds of images to sort through - just a set of fully edited images that satisfy the brief (or draft images if required quickly). This is normally 20-30 images, rarely more than 50 images for larger shoots. I provide two sets of the images, one a full resolution set, and one a low resolution set (great for emailing and viewing on mobile devices as the file sizes are much smaller). All images are provided in the universal Jpeg format, as well as any other specific formats required.

I use Canon professional cameras and lenses, and do all my own digital processing

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