Rick McEvoy Photography - Dorset Photographers

Rick McEvoy Photography - Dorset Photographers

I have updated the text on my Dorset Photographers gallery page which can be viewed at the link below.


This gallery page includes a variety of images taken in Dorset.

1 - Dorset farming

This image is a lovely rural scene, showing a field being worked and prepared for the summer by the farmer. I love the relationship between the tractor and the circling birds.

2 - Purbecks Mansion

A modest country residence, photographed from Holme Lane in the Purbecks. It is down there at the bottom of the garden!

3 - Dorset Country

Hay bales in Winterbourne Abbas - a lovely typical Dorset scene with the dry fields, blue sky and white fluffy clouds.

4 - Wareham Quay

The Old Granary at Wareham Quay in fog provides a complete contrast. This is a lovely, dreamy 4 -calming image with soft colours which I love. And the pub is great too.

5 - Poole Harbour

Viewed from the Purbecks. A big splash of blue and green with Poole Harbour and Poole Town in the distance.

6 - Red Post

Near Bere Regis is one of the famous Dorset Red Posts – the sign that allegedly showed the way from Dorchester prison to the ports and ultimately Australia!

7 - Wimborne Minster

An historic and prominent Dorset landmark, and one of my favourite Dorset buildings. The lovely sky makes this shot a little bit different.

8 - Corfe Castle

Viewed from the back, the less viewed angle by the recently built Doctors. Now that is local knowledge!

9 - Upton Country Park

As a Poole resident I love what the Borough of Poole do, such as these recently installed climbing areas within the trees in Upton Country Park.

10 - Lobster nets, Kimmeridge Bay.

Another nice Dorset image, these pots are taken out and set at local favourite lobster locations within the bay.

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