Lightroom cc

Well finally got Lightroom cc downloaded and installed. Looking forward to using it. And what am I looking forward to the most?

HDR merge

Panorama merge

both of which output a dng file which apparently is a RAW file with all the RAW adjustments available That is amazing all on it's own. 

So now I will be able to do an HDR merge and then process just like any other RAW file. This is great for me as I do not like third party HDR software, nor the HDR processing in Photoshop. I do not want all the hideous grungy effects, just the benefit of the extended dynamic range. 

Also more speed, as Lightroom cc uses memory from the graphics card to speed things up. 

The filter brushes look pretty good too.

That little lot is more than enough to keepe happy! 

I will be posting the results as and when time allows...