Getting your images reviewed

One problem many photographers face is knowing what is a really good image. Self-ctitiquing does not work. You get so involved and attached to an image that you have created that you can lose objectivity.

I recently discovered a website called Pixoto. It is free, and dead simple. You need 10 credits to upload an image. To get 10 credits you view 10 pairs of images and choose which of the pair you prefer. Simple.

The hogher the score, the more popular the image is. Don't worry about how the scoring works - this is a quick easy and free way to get images assessed completely independently.

And be ready for the harsh reality. Some of what I thought were my best images really weren't!

If you want to imprive your photography you have to be prepared for accept the results.

And another quick tip to help you improve your photography - look at loads of images.

You can view my Pixoto site at!image/Landscapes/6214841300156416