Sandbanks Photography

A bit of a rant about shooting into the sun.....

Jetty by Sandbanks Chain Ferry

Jetty by Sandbanks Chain Ferry

This is a shot of a jetty by the chain ferry in Sandbanks, Dorset. 

Shooting straight into the sun is a photographic no no technically. I disagree.

If the sun is there in the composition of your image then include it. It will be overexposed. It is after all the biggest light source you will ever find without exception.

And who cares if it is overexposed? Photographers. No-one else cares. Trust me.

Include the sun in your shot and it will be overexposed. And if you have captured an interesting image no-one (apart from other photographers) will cry out that the sun is overexposed. They will either like your work or not.

Photographers care about the quality of their work. I do too of course. But we must not forget as photographers that people view our work differently.

We can spend all the time photographing, processing, tweaking etc etc our beloved images but sometimes we need to take a step back and look at our work and ask one simple question about our work - who cares? Why would anyone like this image?

Talking of which I love this shot of a private jetty near the Sandbanks Chain Ferry. It is one of the shots that just makes me love photography. 

And if it fails some photographic technique test somewhere I really do not care. I have created something I like.

And sometimes that is just enough!